Igumnovskaya CHPP is one the longest-standing plants in the power supply system of Nizhny Novgorod. It was commissioned in 1939 and has been supplying industrial consumers with thermal energy only in recent years. Decommissioning of Igumnovskaya CHPP was on the list in 2011 when the station was a part of TGK-6 of KES-Holding. However, in 2012 Igumnovskaya CHPP was acquired by Sintez OKA Group of Companies and reformed into industrial boiler house mode thus allowing the Group’s production cluster and other chemical manufacturers in Dzerzhinsk to continue operation and implementation of development plans. Today Igumnovskaya CHPP is operated by Sintez OKA-ENERGO company.

Location: Dzerzhinsk city

Specified heat power: 582 Gcal/hr

Consumer heat supply: > 200,000 Gcal/year

Primary and emergency fuel: Natural gas/oil

Placing in commission: 1939 

Sintez OKA Group pursues coherent development and upgrading policy. Its investments enabled Igumnovskaya CHPP not only fulfill its obligations under effective contracts but also expand its heat consumer base. Strict compliance with agreed standards and specifications in terms of supply volume, quality and conditions is an essential building block for company activities.